REVIEW: IS 'The Real Past show' by Josephs Quartzy a hit or flop?

The Real Past with Josephs Quartzy Talk show
The Real Past show

A lot of English-speaking people wouldn't take a chance to know what this noise is all about, even though the name itself is in English, Yes! The noise is about a talk show hosted by a Tanzanian young star, Josephs Quartzy. Since 2019, Josephs Quartzy made content concerning past events and submitted them to BTN and later on uploaded to their official YouTube channel. He gave the videos a combined name, be called his show, The Real Past with Josephs Quartzy, none knew whose voice was that in those videos, he was a person behind a storytelling voice, he did not come out to clarify that until 2022 because his management did not allow him to. 

Josephs Quartzy live show
Josephs Quartzy during the live show

The show has been running for years now even though ups and downs caused it to stop sometimes, three seasons were made successful, and Josephs currently announced that season four of the show is going to start soon but a few moments later, the official instagram page of The Real Past Show posted a picture labelled 'postponed' and explained that a show has been terminated for some time until further instructions. These controversies left fans of the show stunned to start making bold claims that maybe the show was cancelled because Josephs was trolled when he announced that he was the master of the show has a hundred thousand views on youtube and some say maybe he is making improvements on the show, all in all, we are all waiting to hear from Magoma Jr, show director or Josephs Quartzy himself.

Josephs Quartzy Black and white
Josephs Quartzy BW/BTNimages


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