'JQ Knew That' Season 1 Official at ITV; Josephs Quartzy Joins Cast Once again

There have been both negative and positive comments concerning a 2021 drama series JQ Knew That, to see a television show that was originally broadcasted on ITV getting more than 65 Percent likes making it one of the loved television shows in 2021.

JQ Knew That has only one Season with 8 episodes was released in the middle of April 2021 and lasted for a whole year to the middle of April 2022 making it a short  contrary to what was explained by the directors, a large number of fans were not impressed with the  ending of a show when it was announced by the network that a last episode of the show was going to be episode 8 originally aired on April 16 this year living alot of drama puzzle unsolved. 
JQ Knew That Tv series Poster
JQ Knew That 2021-2022

Good news, a director and creator of the show Josephs Quartzy has hinted about the possibility of realising the season 2 of JQ Knew That which he will also cast, on an interview with BTN  when asked about critics and comments from fans and media about the show and whether he and his crew are thinking of putting the continuity of the show he said,
"from the start we've always wanted to deliver an excellent and satisfying show to the fans, so far our show recieved positive comments and critics that means we've  met their expectations though we had problems with our production team and alot of inevitable circumstances that put an early ending to the show resulting to those few negative comments, we are very sorry for the inconvenience but we've sorted out everything and  started working and producing the continuity of the show,  all of characters are still held by same actors like Ben  will still be Dennis and I'll continue playing Josephs". 

For those who have not watched the show, I encourage them to, shortly a plot of the show is portraying a young African boy who wanted to change his society following the western ideologies after being in US for studies, he received resistance from his people that resulted his murder.
Josephs Quartzy (actor)
Josephs Quartzy/TBNimages


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